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About the UltraSuction™ Denture System

What is the UltraSuction™ Denture System?

Denture wearers can experience an insecure feeling while eating, drinking and talking as their dentures move sideways, backwards and forward. UltraSuction™ allows clients a more comfortable experience wearing dentures, while enjoying a more sociable lifestyle and building confidence. UltraSuction™ is a patented system that holds upper and/or lower dentures in place using a mounted valve and suction chamber. The UltraSuction™ system comprises denture valves embedded into the denture and connected via two tiny, 1mm air passages open to the air chamber. Therefore, there is no contact between the valves and the patient’s gum tissue. UltraSuction™ is truly a cost-effective product that can be built into a NEW denture or into older dentures during the rebase or reline procedure. Best of all it can usually be installed quickly! This product comes as a complete, ready to use kit.

How the UltraSuction™ Denture System Works

UltraSuction™ works on a fairly simple principle – suction. Once the denture is in place and tight, the gum rests against the suction chamber, expelling the air and forming a tight seal. The result– a better fit to the gum tissues and an improved resistance to dislodging forces. A pain-free way for users to enjoy eating the things they like, when they like!

Why Choose the UltraSuction™ Denture System?

  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Improved phonetics
  • Taste and enjoy food again
  • No more messy adhesives
  • Restored confidence in everyday living
  • Easily refit existing patients