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Loose Dentures – How To Fix Them

loose denturesAs written about previously, there are several possible causes for loose dentures.

Once you’ve identified the cause, you need to know how to fix them.

There are several short-term fixes you can try before seeing your dental professional for something more permanent. None of the below are meant to be an ongoing or permanent solution:

1) Adhesive Powders
Powders are a good temporary fix, as they are easy to use and won’t interfere with one’s bite. These will often not be strong enough for a permanent or ongoing fix, however.

2) Adhesive Pastes
A paste is basically a step up from a powder, although these can interfere with dental occlusion, or the meeting and alignment between the upper and lower teeth. There is also the risk of leakage, particular in the lower denture. (Also worth noting is the FDA’s recent probes into denture paste poisoning.)

3) Thermoplastic Adhesive
This type of adhesive is the strongest yet, and can last up to four days.

More than anything, you may want to reassess the denture system you’re using and consult your dental professional to see about repair, realignment, and possible other options, such as the UltraSuction Denture System.

Ill-fitting dentures are a source of discomfort and possible embarrassment nobody wants to live with.

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