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How Do I Make Dentures More Comfortable?

comfortable denturesFood becoming trapped beneath the denture is one of the main reasons for discomfort and irritation.

Left untreated, this irritation will lead to real problems, including inflammation and a more intolerable soreness.

Yes, this can be fixed by simply removing, rinsing, and replacing the denture, but a more sensible solution would be if this discomfort never occurred at all.

Unfortunately, very few denture systems are foolproof, and the natural aging process will cause changes in one’s mouth that will continue to open the door to further problems.

One option that we’ve found alleviates this is the suction denture – the brand name is the UltraSuction™ Denture System.

Read more about it here, and you’ll start to understand how it works with your mouth to alleviate discomfort, and why we think it’s the best-fitting denture system out there.

Next time you ask, “how do I make dentures more comfortable,” realize that the problem may not be with your mouth, but rather your dentures. There’s a better solution – get in touch with us to learn more.

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