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Bad Fitting Dentures – 3 Ways They Hurt You

loose denturesIf your dentures aren’t fitting your gums properly, you know that it’s more than just an annoyance and a source of embarrassment!

Here are three problem areas that loose, or improper fitting dentures can cause:

1) Loose dentures can lead to sore spots in your mouth when they are not made to fit your mouth correctly. This can result in anything from general discomfort to painful sores and bone loss.

2) The inability to chew food efficiently takes the problems from your mouth to your stomach, where improperly chewed food can cause problems with digestion.

3) When your dentures don’t fit securely, you have to use adhesives, which are expensive, cause bad breath, and accumulate bacteria, which is not good for your overall health.

There’s no reason to suffer from any of these results, just because your dentures aren’t fitting properly. See your dental Practioner and ask about options. Technology, like our own UltraSuction™ Denture System, is an economical way giving you the look and feel your mouth deserves.

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